Hair Growth Naturally With Vitamin A

On Thursday, April 17th, 2014
By admin

Now day’s girls are very conscious about their hairs because according to the fashion trend they change their hair styles. Hairs are very visible part of our body and if hair is not good then it reduces your all beauty. Hairs should be beautiful and attractive. These days some girls are worry about their hairs. If your hair growth is not good and you need to grow it then there are lots of natural ways. But today is telling you here one best way.
Hair Growth Naturally With Vitamin A
For hair growth vitamin A plays a very important role. Guava is rich in vitamin A that promotes new hair growth & as well increases the function of mucous membranes. If you have as well dandruff problem then add few drops of honey and lemon juice and then mix them well and apply on your hair and scalp for very good and positive result. It will give you very effective result. It is considered one of the best ways because you can get good amount of vitamin A to Guava. Share this useful and helpful information as well with your friends and dear one who are facing same problem.

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