how bridal makes her skin soft

How Bridal Make Her Skin Soft?

Girls always want to look beautiful on their wedding. Before 3 to 4 months they implements different natural ways and go beauty parlors. Wedding day is a very special day for girls. Girls always want soft, beautiful and shining skin. If you want to make your skin soft and you have left one month then one month is enough for you.
Today is telling you here how you can make your skin soft through natural way.

how bridal makes her skin soft

1)      Take one spoon yogurt and add in its lemon juice and then apply on your face skin and after 30 minutes wash your face with imported face wash or soup. Do it daily and after few days you will get very soft and beautiful skin.

2)      If you want to get rid off from pimples then take any imported cream and before sleeping add in it few drops of lemon juice and then apply on your face. It is very effective way for get rid of pimples.

3)      Take lemon peel and add on it small amount of honey and then apply on your face. After 15 minutes wash your face. If your color is not white then it will make your skin color white and soft.

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