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On Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Now all around the world fashion trend is increasing day by day. Every girl wants to look beautiful, perfect and stylish. On different occasions and parties they want to look unique and perfect. Eyebrow style always attracts to other and girls always try to make their eyebrow style different and beautiful. Making eyebrow style is not an easy task. Some girl’s eyebrow is very short and small and they want to grow it. They think that it is not an easy task but now it is not a hard job for you if you want to make your eyebrow grow. Today we are telling you here best way for eyebrow growth.
Most makeup artists and beauticians as well suggest massaging of various and different products such as Vaseline, castor oil, almond oil (e.g. Now Foods, Sweet Almond Oil), aloeVera, and pure coconut oil softly on your eyebrows after you have removed all the makeup. You could as well try rubbing egg yolk, lemon slice & other natural products, which assist in eyebrow growth. If you will follow this way then you will get very effective and positive result after few days. For more beauty tips stay in touch with us and get through us daily new natural beauty tips.

Best Tips For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Now days people are much busy in their works and the does extra work in office and cant complete their sleep. Extra work and pressure always give us worries and stress and in that case people got dark circles under their eyes. Dark circles under eyes look very ugly and it downs our beauty. These days everybody wants to look beautiful and perfect but people are less conscious about their beauty. If you want to get rid of dark circles then first of all you should complete your sleep and take healthy diet. Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here one best tip which is very effective and beneficial for dark circles under eyes.

Best Tips For Dark Circles Under Eyes
Cucumber or potato
Cucumber and potato is very good for dark circles. Close your eyes & cover your eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes wash with warm water & apply a cream. It will give you rapid and very positive result and within few days you will get rid of dark circles under your eyes. If you need to get some more natural beauty tips and tricks then you can get through us daily new beauty tips.

Smokey Eyes makeup

Girls look very beautiful and gorgeous in Smokey eyes makeup. Girls mostly do Smokey eyes makeup in night parties. If you would like to do Smokey eye makeup then today beautyaddons.com is telling you here some easy tips.

tips for eye makeup

1) Begin with moisturizer & lip balm, use moisturizer on whereas eye lid to build a base coat & then apply your lip balm on it, this will boost your make up life.

2) It is extremely useful to line lower lid first, whenever you would like to do your eye makeup then begin from the lower lid & apply liner or Mac coal pencil on you lower lid & then smudge the liner with pointy brush it can smudge the liner more professionally.

3) Include a dark shadow to make bigger this darker shade; crease brush is excellent for blending of the shadow. For Smokey eye makeup blending count a lot so keep focus on awesome blending.

4) Use eye shadow on the top of the liner, smudge the liner & blend the color. In the end keep blending with brush without use any eye shadow this will provide the great blended look to your eye makeup.

5) Use mascara into 2 thick coats.

Home Remedies for Dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are a big problem for everyone. Now day we can see people are much busy in their works and some people sleep late night and wakeup early in the morning. If you are not completing your sleep then you can face different diseases and other problems. Dark circles also come due to less sleep. So try to complete your sleep. You sleep must be 7 to 8 hours in the night. If you will complete your sleep and eat healthy foods then you will get rid of dark circles.

Tips for dark circle

If you need any natural way then today beautyaddons.com is telling you here one best way how you can get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Take potato or cucumber and slices it. Now close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slice of cucumber or raw potato and then leave for 15 to 20 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes wash your face with warm water and then apply cream. It is considered one of the best ways and it will give you very good result.

If you need some more natural beauty tips then here you can get best beauty tips. Visit here daily and get best and informative tips.

Smoke Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is very essential for any party because eye beauty can also attract to others. It is one of the most prominent parts of our body. Eye care is essential for us because it is very sensitive part of our body. Smoky eye makeup is considered one of the best makeups’s because in this makeup girls look very beautiful and attractive. How to get a twist on a smoky eye in four rapid & easy ways? Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here four very easy and simple steps for smoky makeup.

Tips for eyes

Define The Base:

Use Expert wears Eye shadow Quads, starts with the lightest color to describe the whole eyelid eye from eye line to brow.

Define The Lid:

Use the lid color to the lower part of the eyelid, under the crease.

Define the Crease:

Use the crease color, taking unique care to mix together the color with the base & lid colors so that no line is visible.

Define the Eyeline:

Apply darkest shade to classify the upper eye line at the base of the lashes. Apply the similar color to highlight 3/4 of the eye line too.

These four steps are easy and simple for smoky eye makeup. If you would like to get some more eyes beauty tips then through us you can get more tips how you can make your eyes beautiful and attractive.

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles around eyes are a very big issue for some people. These days some people are very worry about it. But now you should not take any stress about dark circles because today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here some best natural ways which will finish your dark circles.

Tips for dark circles


Apply peeled & grated raw potatoes to your eyes and then leave the potatoes on your eyes all night if possible. It will give you very good result but do this three times in a week.

Cucumber Juice:

Apply cucumber juice or slice a fresh cucumber to your eyes with a cotton ball and then leave them for fifteen minutes for a relaxing treatment that assists decrease dark eye circles.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil is very effective for our skin. Take almond oil and massages around your eyes. Do this regularly two weeks and after two weeks you will see very good and effective result.
Plenty of Water:

Take plenty of water. Minimum drink 2 liter water per day because water always effective for us and it gives us lots of health and beauty benefits.

Complete Your Sleep:

Take healthy diet. Try to take those products maximum which provides you protein, vitamins, power and fiber. Vegetables and fruits are best all time.
Your night sleep should be 6 to 8 hours.


Eyes are a very short part of our body but it keeps an importance place in our life. Without eyes our life is nothing because if we can’t see properly anything then we can’t do any work. It is very sensitive and visible part of our body. Its care is essential for us. We should be very conscious about it. People always want beautiful and sparkling eyes because sparkling eyes always attracts to others and it ups our personality. If you want to make your eyes beautiful and glowing then today www.beautyaddons.com is giving you here some tips; how you can make your eyes shining and sparkling.

Tips for eyes

1)      Take some rose water and then add in it 2 to 3 drops of castor oil and then dip cotton pad into it. Place these soaked pads on the eyelids & relax for 15 to20 minutes.

2)      Take cotton pads and dip in an icy or cold tea solution & placed on the eyelids at the same time as relaxing.

3)      If you feel tired then take rest because our eyes demands proper rest. Don’t do work continuously.

If you will follow these tips then you will get sparkling and beautiful eyes. These are natural tips which will give you positive and good result.

Eye Caring Best Tips

Eyes are near the skull and that’s why it is considered very sensitive part of human body. Taking care of eye is very important for us. Without eyes we can’t do anything because without eyes we can’t see anything. Now these days’ people are much busy in their life. We see daily lots of things, do hard work and consume energy in lots of important things. Our eyes demand rest. When you feel tiredness or headache then you should give some rest to your eyes. When you will give proper rest to your eyes then your eyes will be fit and healthier.

Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here some eyes facial tips which will very effective and helpful for you.

Tips for eyes

1)      First look straight ahead & then look left & right, do this for minimum 10 to 15 times then look up & down without moving your head for as a minimum 10 to 15 min. It will assist you make stronger your eye muscles.

2)      If you are reading any novel or book then don’t read continuously. During the reading see far and close things. It is also considered very good exercise.

3)      You can as well utilize eyes gel mask of any brand you use to assist decrease puffiness & prominent lines under eyes to make your eyes gorgeous and beautiful.

These are best tips for eyes exercise. If you will follow these then you will feel very comfortable and you will not face eyesight disease.

Exercises For Eyes

Eyes are the blessing of God. It is very sensitive and delicate part of our beauty. Eyes care is very essential for us. If we will not care our eyes then we can face different problems. Eyesight is a main issue these days. Its reason is we are not caring our eyes. We should be very conscious about our eyes. Without eyes our life is nothing. It keeps an importance place in our life. Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here some eyes exercise. These exercises will very effective and helpful for us. We should follow it.

Tips for eyes

1)      First of all we should complete our sleep. Our night sleep must be 6 to 8 hours.

2)      If you are watching TV then never sit closer to TV.

3)      When you are reading any book or novel then don’t read continuously. During the reading give some gape for few second and see far things.

4)      When you feel tired then try to sleep for little time.

5)      Don’t use laptop or computer too much.

If you will follow these tips then your eyes will always be beautiful and attractive and you will not face any eye diseases.  These are very effective and valuable tips for eyes. Follow it and share with your friends.

Tips for Beautiful & Glowing Eyes

Eye is the most sensitive part of our body. It is one of the most imperative organs in the person body & vision is one of the greatest gifts. Giving attention to eyes is essential for us otherwise we could lose our eyes.  Eyes need lots of care especially in hectic time. If you want to make your eyes beautiful and attractive then www.beautyaddons.com is giving you here some tips how you can make your eyes beautiful and glowing.


1)      First of all for the eye care your diet should be good. You should take carrots, bell papers, collards green, spinach, kale, apricots and broccoli.

2)      Cucumber is also good for eyes care. Put sliced cucumber on your eyes for few minutes. You will feel cold eyes when you put cucumber on your eyes.

3)      Your night sleep should be 7 to 8 hours.

4)      When you wake up in the morning then wash your eyes with cold water.

5)      When you reading any book or magazine then during the reading after 2 or 3 minutes watch those things which are far from you.

6)      Don’t use others towel, soap and glasses.

7)      Keep away from sunlight.

8)      Use milk or yogurt in the breakfast. It is also good for eye care.

Amazing Facts About Human Eye

Eye is a very fragile and sensitive part of our body. We should be very conscious about our eyes. When we will not give proper relaxation to our eyes then it will be dangerous for us. Eyes sight effects is very dangerous. We should not be careless about our eyes. Mostly people in the world don’t know real and amazing facts about human life.

Amazing Facts About Human Eye

Today here www.bollyberg.com is telling you miraculous facts about human eyes which are very interesting and amazing.
1) A normal person blinks his/her eyes 12 times in a minute.
2) Eye composed of more than two millions of working pieces.
3) Normal human eye is 576 megapixels.
4) A cornea is the only tissues that did not need blood.
5) Eye can process 36 thousands bits of information each hour.
6) It is impossible to sneeze with eyes open.
7) The weight of the human eyeball is approximately 28 grams.
8) It 10,000 times blinks per day.
These are very amazing facts for us which we had not known before. So it means our eyes are really essential and very important part of our body. We should be caring it. If you will not care your eyes then you can lose your eyesight.

Ten Tips For Better Sleep And Get Easy Beauty

Ten Tips For Better Sleep And Get Easy Beauty

These days’ people are too much busy in their works. They have no time to give some time to their family, relatives and friends even that they are not give proper time to sleep.

They are too much busy. 7 to 8 hour sleep is necessary for us. For healthier and fitness life 7 to 8 hour night sleep is essential. If you will sleep well then it makes every part of life improved.

Here we are telling you 10 ways for better sleep.
1) First of all maintain a consistent routine timetable.
2) Secondly reduce caffeine intake.
3) Turn of television, computer or laptop before sleeping.
4) If your stomach is full then don’t go to bed.
5) Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.
6) Connect in usual exercise.
7) Limits drink use before bed.
8) Always keep your bedroom dark and quite.
9) Sleep in comfortable mattress, pillow and bedding.
10) Always sleep relax. Don’t take any stress.
If you will sleep relax and comfortable then whole day you will be very fine because our body demands proper sleep. If we will not give proper time to sleep then you will not get fitness. S, always complete your sleep.

How To Soothe Tired Eyes?

Our eyes are always very sensitive and delicate part of our body. We should be very conscious about our eyes. Without eyes our life is nothing. Sometimes we are tired and our eyes also feel uncomfortable. When we did not give proper time to our eyes and does extra makeup then it give us negative effects.

How To Soothe Tired Eyes

Here we are giving you some useful tips for eyes.
1) For eye care first of all you should complete your sleep. You should sleep in the night 8 to 10 hour.
2) Wash your face two or three times with cold water. It is very helpful for tired eyes.
3) Cucumber is very effective and beneficial for tired eyes because cucumber is a cooling vegetable. When you feel your eyes are tired then close your eyes and keep cucumber on it. You will feel relax.
4) Milk can be utilized in family remedies in sort to cure the pain & tiredness of the eyes. It is as well efficient for treating skin burns.
5) Use maximum water. Minimum take 8 to 10 glass per day.
6) If you have pure honey then it can also be very effective and helpful. If you will use small quantity of honey in your eyes then it will make your eyes look clear and it is also make your eyes look refreshed.
7) Rose water is also beneficial for eyes. If you will put daily 5 drops of rose water in your eyes then after few days you will see different result.

How To Get Wrinkle Free Face?

How To Get Wrinkle Free Face

Wrinkles under the eyes show us the aged before the time. Some peoples did not have wrinkles at their old age some peoples get in the young age. It is just because of skin type or if we care our skin then it will not get the wrinkles very fast.

The wrinkles free creams did not affect the most but it is the waste of money.

We are telling you some tips about the wrinkles free face.

Avoid Sun Raise:

Sun raise strictly damages our skin and cause many problems in which one is wrinkles. Wrinkles appear faster with the passage of time. If you avoid sun raises then your skin did not appear them fast.

Proper Sleep:

Sleepless nights cause big problems and appear wrinkles on the face. Change your habit of late night awaking and take full sleep of approx 6 to 8 hours and then you feel fresh and stress free.

Avoid Washing so much:

You should avoid the washing of your face so much and especially with the soap because it will removes all the natural oil from the face and also cause wrinkles on the face.


Moisturizing is very important and especially for those who have the dry skin they cause the wrinkles most. So never skin your moisturizing daily.

Face Expressions:

Try your face expression in the mirror and note that which stretch your skin and show the wrinkles on it, then must avoid that expression in your daily routine life.

How To Get Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye makeup looks very awesome and beautiful when it is done by a good and practiced person. It is not so difficult to get desired results.

Once you practiced it then you will be the perfect and easily can do this at your home with your own. We told you about the tip how you can get the perfect Smokey eyes makeup.

How To Get Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

It is not difficult to enjoy the perfect blending of the Smokey eye makeup if you follow our tip.

And The Tip Is Here: we suggest you to not use the same brush with the help of you apply the eye shadows on your eye lid for the blending.

It is very bad trick if you do blending of the eye shadow with the same brush because it is not helping you in the blending. In fact it is applying the more amount of eye makeup on your eye lids.

If you do with the same brush then it will ruin the all makeup and gives so smudgy and muddy look. So if you want something pretty and also proper then do this with the new or clean brush not with the previous one.

There are two steps for following this tip:

  1. When you apply the required color eye shadow on your eye lid then blend it with the clean and new brush. Otherwise it will not give the blending look.
  2. Do blending until all the corners and the sides of the Smokey makeup will blur completely.

Dangerous Eyes Treatments You Should Avoid These

Dangerous Eyes Treatments You Should Avoid These

There are many beauty treatments which makes your beauty very ruined. You took that treatment in your beauty salon and you do nit knew completely about the side effects of these treatments.

Here we told and warn you about that treatment which may affect your beauty in future. So prevent yourself from these things to keep your beauty long lasting.

Never dye your eye lashes:

When you dye your eye lashes then the chemical effects your eye lashes and increases the eyes infection. So do not dye your eye lashes. It is not good for your beauty. It ruined your lashes for the life time because the chemicals which used in it are so dangerous for your lashes.

Manicure and Pedicure:

Manicure and pedicure tools are very dirty and contain germs in it. So when you go to any non costly salons then these tools are very dirty and increase the infection in your foot and hands. So do not use these tools for your Manicure and Pedicure. It will create the fungus and athlete foot.


Blowout is contains so much chemicals and it is more dangerous for that who do these blowjobs so do not do these straights hairs techniques which is not good for your hairs and body as well.

Botox injections:

It is not good for your face to take these Botox injections and other FDA approved injections because it always leaves side effects on your face and decreases the natural beauty level from your face. So always try to keep natural.

Effective Tips For Removing Black Heads

8 out of 10 peoples have the problem of black heads. It starts from the growing age. It mostly appears around the nose, chin and chicks portions. The persons who have oily skin face the black heads problem the most.

Effective Tips For Removing Black Heads

Due to the oil of the skin and the dust of the environment missed together and appears in the way of black heads on the surface of the skin. The many expensive and costly products did not help so much for removing these black heads. And not everyone also afford these products.

Here we tell you simple and most effective tips to get rid all these acne problems.

  • Wash your face three or four times in a day with the face wash. It will remove all the excessive oil and dust from your skin and cleanse it.
  • Exfoliating is also very necessary for the good and fresh skin. It will remove all the dead skin from your face and give the fresh skin and looks to you. Also helps to preventing the black heads.
  • Taking steam after the exfoliating is also very important. It will open the pores of the skin and clean all the dust particles from the face. Take the steam once in a week.
  • Honey and lemon is very useful for removing the black heads. Took the half lemon and fall some drops of honey on it and apply it on your face. Leave this mask for few minutes and rinse it with water.

Easy Tip For Removing Black Heads

Black heads are the very common problem among peoples. Everyone is facing this problem. Due to dirt and oil of the skin black heads appears on the surface of our skin.

When the natural oil of the skin mixed with the dust then they creates black heads which are very bad for the skin.

There are many products for black heads but they are expensive and some time did not effective for it. Here we tell you very easy DIY tip to remove black heads from your face.

Easy Tip For Removing Black Heads

You need these tow ingredient for it.

  • Honey
  • Lemon

This is the very simple and effective remedy to removing black heads and prevents your skin for growing them again. Black heads mostly appears on the nose, chin and the around area of it.

Take the lemon which is easily available at your home’s kitchen or refrigerator. Cut the lemon into two pieces took the half piece and put some honey drops on the lemon and apply it on your skin. Cover all the area and then leave it for few minute.

The lemon removes the dirt or black heads and honey is also very effective for the skin. It wills gives the moisturizing effects to your skin and prevent it from the drying and black heads. After some time remove it with cold water.

This is the very natural and homemade remedy and it is also effective for all skin types. It will never give you any side effects.

Remove The Dark Circles Under Eyes

With the passage of time our skin shows the effects of older age linked wrinkles, dark circles and black heads.

There are the common and serious problem of growing age is dark circles under the eyes. These circles damage the personality and show you old and stressful.

Because of the bad image of these dark circles everyone wants to remove these circles and that’s why they search the new and effective tips for removing these.

Remove The Dark Circles Under Eyes

Here we tell you some tips about the removing of these circles:

Control your Diet:

Diet is very necessary to check and keep it balance for the healthy life style. Include citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, berries, spinach, fresh oranges and apples in your daily diet schedule. With the healthy and proper diet you fell more fresh and younger and it will also relief your stress.

Release the Stress:

Dark circles under the eyes are the just because of the stress and worries. Stress and problems increase the insomnia and with the stress our sleep is also disturbed. And these both factors show heavy dark circles under our eyes. So we should release this stress by engaging our self into different activities.

Use natural products:

You have to apply the beauty products which contain only natural ingredient. Chemicals which are used in the most of the beauty products are causes to the dark circles under the eyes. So protect your skin from these harmful products and use only those products which are purely made of natural ingredient.

Easy Eye Makeup

Easy Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most prominent part of your face and it must looks stunning at any occasion. You must be makeup them perfectly and give the finest finishing to your eyes.

We tell you some tips about the fine eye makeup and these tips are also easy to pick and apply during your make up.

You can give the black touch for prominent the Lidded Eyes or Eyes with No Defined Crease at the center of upper lash lines.

The eye shade color must be matching with your dress and lipstick.

If you are using the dark color at your lips then did not use the eye shade color very dark instead of that you can apply light color eye shades and vice versa.

When you are applying the eye shade did not use eye shade pencil, it will stretched you eye lids. Instead of that you can put the eye shade at your hand and apply it with your finger to the eye lids.

Put the eye shade in the shape of almond at the upper and lower part of your eyes.

After the eye shade it is the eye liner turn. Apply the liquid gel form eye liner. You can make thick the eye liner as your requirement and according to the eye size. But first draw a thin line and slowly make it thicker with fine way.

After applying the liner now put the mascara on your eye lashes. If the eye lashes are not so big then you can apply the artificial eye lashes easily available in the market.