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On Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Best Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are main and common problem for everyone these days because people are less conscious about their heels and it looks very ugly. Some people are worry about their cracked heels and they want to get rid of this problem. Today is telling you here some best and unique natural tips which will give you positive and effective result.

Best Home Remedies For Cracked Heels
Banana is considered one of the best treatments for cracked heels. Take 1 banana ripe & mash it and make it into paste. Now apply this paste on your cracked heels and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. After wash it with lukewarm water & soak your feet in cold water. Do this few weeks for a better result.
Vaseline & lemon:
Before using this clean your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes & then dry. Take one teaspoon of Vaseline & put in lemon juice to it. Apply the mixture over heels & other cracked parts of the foot, till it obtain absorbs in the skin. Apply it before going to bed and wash your feet in the morning.
Take cup of honey & mix it into half bucket of warm water & permit your legs for approximately 20 minutes. Scrub softly for soft & flexible feet.
These three ways are considered best for cracked heels. If you will follow these then after few days you will get rid of this problem and your feet look very beautiful.

Care For Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are one of the most important parts of our body and it is very prominent part or our body.  As people are very conscious about their face skin then they should also conscious about their hands and feet skin. Some people are conscious but some are not. As the weather change; it affects on our hands and feet.  Hands and feet care is essential for you because people can see easily your hands and feet skin and if your skin is very rough and not good looking then it can down your personality.

Hnads and feet tips

If you want to make your hands and feet beautiful and attractive then always before wash the hands and feet use any cold cream or moisturizer. Rub lemon on your hands and feet two times in a week. It will give you very positive result. After wash the hands or feet then use any lotion or moisturizing cream. It will keep your skin very soft and fresh.  In summer season try to avoid go outside in day time because sun rays always very dangerous for us and it makes our skin damage and rough. In winter season you must use any moisturizing cream or lotion.

If you want to get some more natural beauty tips then through you can get best and valuable tips and these tips are always effective for you.

Treatment For Feet Dead Skin

Our feet are very prominent part of our body but some people not care their feet because they think feet beauty are not vital. But feet care is also very essential for us as we care our face skin. We should care our feet specially in summer season because in summer season we wear open shoe and sandals and sun rays makes our foot skin dead and rough. Now day’s people are very conscious about their foot because now they understood if foot is not attractive then it can down our personality.  So you should be care full about your feet. If your feet skin is very rough and it’s not looking attractive then now you should not take any worry about it.

Today is telling you here one best natural ways which will make your feet very attractive and beautiful.

feet tips

Listerine is the best and unique method to get your foot ready for summer. Sounds extreme but it works… add 1/4c Listerine any type, 1/4c vinegar & 1/2c of warm water not cold water. Soak your foot for 10 to 15 minutes & when you take them out the dead skin will almost wipe off. It is considered one of the best natural ways for feet care.

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Dry & Rough Feet Care Tips

Feet are a very important part of our body and our beauty. These days’ dry and rough feet are a big problem for everyone evens that men or women. There is lots of reason why our feet become dry and rough. The main problem is that feet are extremely far away from our heart that results in reduces in blood flow. So, feet caring are very important for us. We should be very conscious about it. If your feet are dry and rough then it can down your personality and look.

Today is telling you her some best natural tips which are very effective for feet and these tips can make your feet beautiful and soft.

Tips for feet

1)      First of all always wear those shoes or sandal in which you feel comfortable and relax.

2)      Soak your feet in warm water just for five minutes not for too much time.

3)      Before sleeping wash your feet and then apply any moisturizing cream or lotion on your feet.

4)      Apply the mixture of lavender & petroleum jelly and massage them daily. After few days you will see very attractive feet.

5)      Feet massage will assist you move the blood flow quickly to your feet & will smooth & make tighter muscles.

These are very effective and helpful tips for feet. If you would like to get some more tips about feet or beauty then this is right place for you. Here you can get some more natural tips.

Smooth & Soft Feet

Feet are considered one of the essential parts of our body and its care is very important. Everyone wants smooth and soft feet but people are less conscious about their feet. In winter season we use socks and shoes and we did not need to more care but when summer season is come we avoid wearing shoes and socks and mostly preferring to sandals. If you would like to make your feet smooth, soft and beautiful and you are searching any natural way then today is telling you here some tips how you can make your feet beautiful, soft and smooth.

Tips for fet

1)      Wash your feet two or three times in a day and never forget to wash your feet before sleeping.

2)      Before sleeping after wash the feet use any moisturizing cream or lotion.

3)      Take one cup of lemon juice and then add in it two tsp olive oil and small amount of milk ¼ cup. Then take some amount of water on a tub and add mixture in water and soak your feet. After few minutes wash your feet with mild soap. If you will do once in a week then you will get very soft, smooth and beautiful feet. It is one of the best ways.

4)      Use always those shoes in which you are comfortable and relax.

5)      Keep away from sun lights because it makes our feet black.

How We Can Do Proper Care Of Our Foots

Foot is very important part of our body. Foot is also very sensitive part of our body. Foot care is also essential for us. In a winter season we used shoes and socks so, in winter season we don’t more need to care it but when summer season is come then it is dangerous for our foot skin because in summer season we used open shoe. So, sun hot rays effect on our skin and also on our foot. It makes our foot black and rough. If you are well dressed and but your feet are damage then no one will admire you because our foot keeps an important place in our personality.

How We Can Do Proper Care Of Our Foots

Here we are telling you some tips how you can make your foot attractive and fit.
1) First of all before sleeping wash your feet with soap and the use any moisturizing cream or lotion.
2) Try to wear those show or sandals which are covered in front because when you run in daylight then sun rays affect your feet.
3) Try to use soft and light socks in summer season. It will save your feet.
4) Avoid walking in day time.

If you will follow these tips then it will be beneficial for you. Through these tips you can make your feet beautiful and attractive.

Tips To Get Sexy And Shaped Legs

It is important for you to keep your legs in shape and style, because with stylish and beautiful legs you can wear anything with lots of confidence.

Legs are also the important part of our body so take good care of them is also very important. When your legs are stylish and sexy with no hairs then everyone attracts to you and your legs appeals others.

Tips To Get Sexy And Shaped Legs

Try these following tips to keep your legs beautiful.


Moisturizing is very important for the body as well for legs also. You can use moisturizing products for this purpose. Lotions with extra amount of moisturizing will also give you the required results.


Pedicure is also very working goods to keep your legs clean and fair. You must go for the pedicure twice in a month. It works for the removal of the dead skin and cleans the pores of the foot. After that it will hydrate and moisturize them and make them fresher.

Avoid Sun:

To sit for the long time under the sun will must effects the color of your legs so you should avoid sitting under the sun to protect your legs from sun tan.

Avoid Heels:

Wearing high heels for the whole day must go to your foot under stress. So avoid your foot from the tired and stress and use comfortable and soft shoes. Wear heels only for the party and special functions.


To make your legs shaped and sexy you can also use the massage therapy. It is very good and relaxed the legs also gives them moisturizing.

Foot Care Tips For Men And Women At Home

Feet are very important part of your body. With the help of them you are able to move on the earth and enjoy the life. So you should also take good care of your feet’s everyday.

If you ignore your very important body part then it is not good and when you move on in your circle your personality got damaged with it.

Foot Care Tips For Men And Women At Home

We tell you some regular tips to take care and feel love for your feet.

  • Daily wash and clean your foot with an anti bacterial soap and nail brush. Remove all the dirt from the both side of the foot, nails and also between the toes. It will keep the color of your feet fair and clean.
  • Dry your foot after cleansing with a clean and dry towel very carefully. It will prevent them for the fungus, athlete foot and red itches.
  • Always cleans your feet with pumice stone it will remove all the dead skin and dirt of the foot and keep them fresh and clean. It is very necessary for the foot to clean them with this stone regularly.
  • Moisturizing is also very important for the skin and body as well for the feet. It will decrease the dryness of the foot skin and keep the moisturizing level balanced.
  • Pedicure is also a important and helpful therapy for the foot to keep them, neat, clean and stress free. When we use pedicure it will remove all the dead skin and open the pores.

Easy And Simple Ways To Keep The Foot Healthy

Easy and Simple Ways to keep the foot Healthy

Foot helps you the most in your daily routine work you cannot spend a single day without them so it is your responsibility to take care of your foot.

Here we told you some very easy tips to keep your foots in good condition and you can step out with them with no hesitation.

  • Use massage therapy to keep your foot stress free and also increase the flow of blood. It will ache muscles and also give you relaxation. It is very good massaging your foot while moisturizing them.
  • Shoes are also very important to show your foot good or bad. If you are wearing any uncomfortable shoes then it will not gives you satisfaction and your body looks disturbed. So always be careful while choosing the shoes for your foot.
  • Walking and exercises are also very important for the good health of your foots. It will increase the blood circulation in your feet and keeps them healthy, and strong enough.
  • You will be careful about your foot completely and check always if there is any problem like rashes, swelling, blemishes or corns then treat them immediately and nip the problem before starting and spreading.
  • Socks are also being the good quality and the type of the socks would be cotton at most time otherwise nylon and other type socks would create problems for you.
  • Keep the foot neat and clean; rub a good lotion on your feet after cleaning them completely.
  • If you are physically active then your body and food face less problems as compare to if you are lazy and dull. So keep yourself a part of the physical activates.

How We Can Make Our Feet Attractive?

how we can make our feet actractive, Best foot care, care of your foots

Feet are very important part of our body. It also demand caring. But people mostly not give importance to feet. We should care it because when people see your beautiful feet then they will admire.

These days’ girls want to make their feet beautiful and attractive. They are facing different problems about their feet. Mostly feet are damage in winter season because in winter season our feet are rough and dry.

And dry and rough feet always look awkward. These days we are taking those shoes in which we feel not comfortable and these type of shoes also dangerous for us and it makes our feet damage.

There are more lost of reason but here we are giving you some tips how you can make your feet beautiful and attractive.
1) If you want beautiful feet then first of all you should use moisturizing lotion or cream for your feet.
2) Do massage your feet with almond oil and then after few minutes wash your feet with normal hot water. It will finish your dryness and make your feet soft.
3) Take one spoon dry milk, half spoon honey, one spoon lemon juice and then mix these all and apply on your feet and after 20 minutes wash it. It will make your feet white, fresh and beautiful.
4) Take glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and mix it and apply on your feet on daily then after few days you will see positive result.
These are very effective tips and if you will give daily short time to your feet then after few days you will get good result.