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On Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

You can care your nails easily.

Home Remedy For Beautiful Nails

Home Remedy For Beautiful Nails

Nails are one of the most visible parts of our beauty and its care is essential. Now day’s girls are very conscious and aware about their nails and they want to make it beautiful and attractive. Nails are very sensitive so always you should care for your nails. If your nails are not good and it is decreasing your beauty so you should think about it. If you are worry about it and want to make your nails beautiful so today we are telling you here one best natural way and through this way you can get beautiful and attractive nails.

Take ¼ cup – apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup – olive oil and ½ cup – beer. Now heat olive oil (warm to touch). Combine well with beer & apple cider vinegar. Soak your nails for 10 – 15 minutes almost. Enjoy your strengthened & nourished nails. It is considered one of the best natural ways. It is very effective and beneficial for you. So follow it and as well share with your loved ones. It will give you permanent result.

Hands And Nails Beauty Tips In Urdu

hands and nails beauty tips in urdu

Nail Polish Beauty Tips | Tips For Nail Polish

Nail Polish tips

How To Stop Nail Biting

Nails biting are a very bad habit and it is mostly found in children and adults. Nails biting damage our nails and then make our nails very ugly and down our personality. The main reasons of nails biting are irritation & pressure. Being alone & anxiety are as well additional emotional activate that can lead to nail biting. Some people biting their nails so badly and then they got affects bleeding & infection. Nails biting give us lots of disadvantages. These days some people are very worry about it and they want to get rid of this habit. Get rid of this bad habit you should do some struggle. It is not a easy task but if you will try then you can get rid of nails biting.

Nails biting

You can change your nail biting habit by adopting new & good habit. Keep your mouth busy whole day. You should take chewing gum or carrot to keep away from biting your nails. The other choice is that put your nails in your pockets then there will be fewer temptations to bite the nails.

Always keep your nails short and trimmed. If you nails will short and trimmed then you will be less possible to bite your nails. You must utilize clipper to clip your nails & you should have clipper in your handbag always. These days in market there are lots of anti nail biting products available. You must try any one and it will be beneficial for you.

Tips For Make Nails Healthy & Strong

Healthy and beautiful nails are always increases our beauty. Nails should not be neglected because hands & nails are the most utilized parts of our body so, it is only very important that we take care of them correctly.

Today is telling you here some very beneficial and effective tips for nails. These tips are very valuable for you. Follow these tips and then also tell your friends.

Tips for nails

If you would like to make your nails strong then take warm zaitoon oil and keep your hands in it for 20 minutes. If you will do it regularly few days then it will make your nails strong and beautiful.

If your nails color are dull and you want to make it colorful and attractive then do massage your nails with petroleum jelly and then after few minutes clean your nails with cotton piece. Through this way you can make your nails color beautiful.

When you wash your hands with soap then after you should us any cream or lotion for nails. Soap makes our nails and hands dry so if you will use lotion or any cream then it will make your nails strong and beautiful.

If you would like to get some more tips about nails and other beauty tips then right now you are on accurate place. Visit here daily and get best beauty tips.

Make Your Nails Color Beautiful

Nails keep an importance place in our beauty. Girls are always very conscious about their nails beauty but some girls are not conscious. They think nails beauty is not important, they think wrong. Nails are very sensitive and delicate. It care is essential for you. If you will not care your nails then it will not look like beautiful and attractive. Girls always want pinkish and beautiful nails. Some girls like long nails and some like short nails. Those girls who not care their nails then they utilize artificial nails in any party or occasion. If you would like to get beautiful and colorful nails then today is telling you here one best way how you can make your nails colorful and beautiful.

Nails Care Tips

Take one spoon lemon arq and take one medium size cup of cow milk or hot water. Add lemon arq in cow milk or water and then wash your nails with this water or milk. It will give you very positive and helpful result. It will make your nails color very beautiful and when other will see your nails then they will admire you and if you will do it once in a week then you don’t need to buy any artificial nails for party. If you would like to get some more beauty tips then through us you can get lots of beauty tips. Our all tips are natural and these tips will be helpful for you.

Healtheir Nails

Nails keep an important place in our body parts. Its care is essential for us. But sometimes we did not care our nails. People think nails care is not essential. But this is wrong. If you will not care your nails then it will not look beautiful. Healthy nails always look very beautiful and attractive. People mostly want pinkish nails. If you want to make your nail healthier and beautiful then first make a promise to eating healthier products which is good for your nails. You may still enjoy the foods you love, but you should make an aware try to eat healthy fruits & vegetables, nuts, eggs & fish, among other nails friendly foods. Beauty expert says for the healthier nails our diet should be good and healthy.

Nails Tips is telling you here those foods which are good for our nails.

1)      Apples

2)      Brown rice

3)      Asparagus

4)      Cucumbers

5)      Eggs

6)      Garlic

7)      Grapes

8)      Nuts

9)      Onions

10)   Salmon

11)   Seeds

12)   Tuna

13)   Soy

14)   Whole grains

If you will follow these products in daily routine then after few days you can see positive result and you will get very beautiful and attractive nails and other will admire your nails.


Tips For Long And Beautiful Nails

Tips For Long And Beautiful Nails

Nails are one of the most beautiful parts for girls. Girls are always very conscious about their nails. When they need to go on any party then they also decorate their nails. They think without nails beauty they are nothing.

  • Mostly girls like long nails. For their nails girls follow different natural ways. Here we are telling you some natural tips which are very effective and valuable for nails.
  • If your nails are not shiny and you want to make your nail shining then put lemon juice daily on your nails and after few days you will see very positive result.
  • If your nails are short and you want to make your nails long then take garlic water a put your hands in this water 5 to 10 minutes daily. It will grow your nails.
  • If you would like to make your nails color more attractive then take milk in a bowl and add in it lemon juice then put your hand in it. It will give you very effective and valuable result.
  • This method is very helpful for nails treatment. If you will do it daily then after few days you will see your nails are very beautiful and white.

If you would like to get more nails tips then is giving you here more tips about nails and other beauty tips.

Stop Nails Biting

Stop Nails Biting

Chewing nails is not a good habit at all. It gives you the many germs and other things in the shape of bacteria.

Old habits do not go very fast it will take a long time to finish this habits and it is also not so easy. You should do very hard work for this to quit the nails biting habit.

By following this tips about removing this bad habit you will defiantly show the changes in yourself very soon if you do it with courage and inspirational.


Will power is very important for curing anything. If you do not agree by your heart to leave one thing you will never be successful in that. So make little goals like not to touch your nails for a week it will helps you to say bye to nail chewing.

Nail Painting:

Nail painting is also another technique which helps you because when you paint your nails you will never want to ruin all your hard work and it will also pretend your nails from your teeth.

Cover Your Hands:

You should also cover your hands to keep them away from your mouth. You can use tight gloves, artificial nails, petroleum jelly and also band aid which also make you think about taking them in your mouth.


Manicure is also good if you want to finish your habit of nails chewing. Because when you are going to take your nails in your mouth you will defiantly thinks about the money you serve on you r manicure and shaping your nails.

Easy And Best Tips To Apply Nail Paint

Hands are very important part and they help us in our daily routine work. We also use our hands while conversations with other. So if it is not in good condition then it will leaves very bad impressions on others.

So always take good care of your hands. Regularly manicure your hands with good products. You can also do this at your home easily once you got trained.

Easy And Best Tips To Apply Nail Paint

You can also decorate and increase the beauty of your hands with the help of nail polishes or nails paints. There are many different designs and ways to painting nails. It is very easy and increases the beauty of your hands.

Here we told you some tips about nail painting that how can you paint your nails easily and correctly.

  1. Always apply nail polishes after taking shower, because your nails will be neat and clean on that time. Shape your nails with nail filer in a proper way.
  2. First you should do the base coat very neat and clean gently with nail polish brush. Do not repeat on the wet coating it will ruin your paint. So be careful while applying the nail paint.
  3. After that when your base coat is completely goat dry now turn to your color nail paint according to your desire. Apply this nail polish on your nails and leave your hands free for drying the paint. Also be very careful at this time.
  4. Apply finishing coat at the end when your nail paint dry completely. And after that you can also dip your fingers in the cold water for increase the shine of your nail paint.

Hand & Nails Care | Get Long And Beautiful Nails

Hand & Nails Care | Get Long And Beautiful Nails

When you are stepping out for any occasion or party or for holiday picnic must think about the hand care.

With all your maintenance of your every parts of body the hands are also very important. You should take good care of them and never neglect them. When you are communicating with others your hands also helps you to convey your message so if they are looking ugly and dull then it will not give your good impression on others. So regularly manicure your hands and cut and shape your nail.

To manicure at your home will save your time and money as well. So you can buy a manicure kit easily after some time you will become expert on it and do it at home very easily.

For long nails design we are telling you some tips about it.

1.Remove the nail polish or nail gel which is already applied on your nails with removing spirit and cotton balls.

2.Give shape to your nails with nails filer. Make sure that you are shaping them in one and parallel way of your nails bed.

3.Then apply cuticle oil on your nails and massage it for maximum two minutes it will give shines to your nails and looks good.

4.After that dip your fingers in the soapy water it will clean up all the dust contain in your hand and finger pores.

5.After drying hands apply moisturizer on your hand and massage it on your hands and fingers gently, after that cleans your nails with cotton balls for removing all the oil from your nails.