Tips for eyes

Exercises For Eyes

Eyes are the blessing of God. It is very sensitive and delicate part of our beauty. Eyes care is very essential for us. If we will not care our eyes then we can face different problems. Eyesight is a main issue these days. Its reason is we are not caring our eyes. We should be very conscious about our eyes. Without eyes our life is nothing. It keeps an importance place in our life. Today is telling you here some eyes exercise. These exercises will very effective and helpful for us. We should follow it.

Tips for eyes

1)      First of all we should complete our sleep. Our night sleep must be 6 to 8 hours.

2)      If you are watching TV then never sit closer to TV.

3)      When you are reading any book or novel then don’t read continuously. During the reading give some gape for few second and see far things.

4)      When you feel tired then try to sleep for little time.

5)      Don’t use laptop or computer too much.

If you will follow these tips then your eyes will always be beautiful and attractive and you will not face any eye diseases.  These are very effective and valuable tips for eyes. Follow it and share with your friends.

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