Tips for dark circles

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles around eyes are a very big issue for some people. These days some people are very worry about it. But now you should not take any stress about dark circles because today is telling you here some best natural ways which will finish your dark circles.

Tips for dark circles


Apply peeled & grated raw potatoes to your eyes and then leave the potatoes on your eyes all night if possible. It will give you very good result but do this three times in a week.

Cucumber Juice:

Apply cucumber juice or slice a fresh cucumber to your eyes with a cotton ball and then leave them for fifteen minutes for a relaxing treatment that assists decrease dark eye circles.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil is very effective for our skin. Take almond oil and massages around your eyes. Do this regularly two weeks and after two weeks you will see very good and effective result.
Plenty of Water:

Take plenty of water. Minimum drink 2 liter water per day because water always effective for us and it gives us lots of health and beauty benefits.

Complete Your Sleep:

Take healthy diet. Try to take those products maximum which provides you protein, vitamins, power and fiber. Vegetables and fruits are best all time.
Your night sleep should be 6 to 8 hours.

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