Tips for eyes

Smoke Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is very essential for any party because eye beauty can also attract to others. It is one of the most prominent parts of our body. Eye care is essential for us because it is very sensitive part of our body. Smoky eye makeup is considered one of the best makeups’s because in this makeup girls look very beautiful and attractive. How to get a twist on a smoky eye in four rapid & easy ways? Today is telling you here four very easy and simple steps for smoky makeup.

Tips for eyes

Define The Base:

Use Expert wears Eye shadow Quads, starts with the lightest color to describe the whole eyelid eye from eye line to brow.

Define The Lid:

Use the lid color to the lower part of the eyelid, under the crease.

Define the Crease:

Use the crease color, taking unique care to mix together the color with the base & lid colors so that no line is visible.

Define the Eyeline:

Apply darkest shade to classify the upper eye line at the base of the lashes. Apply the similar color to highlight 3/4 of the eye line too.

These four steps are easy and simple for smoky eye makeup. If you would like to get some more eyes beauty tips then through us you can get more tips how you can make your eyes beautiful and attractive.

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