Tips for Beautiful & Glowing Eyes

Eye is the most sensitive part of our body. It is one of the most imperative organs in the person body & vision is one of the greatest gifts. Giving attention to eyes is essential for us otherwise we could lose our eyes.  Eyes need lots of care especially in hectic time. If you want to make your eyes beautiful and attractive then is giving you here some tips how you can make your eyes beautiful and glowing.


1)      First of all for the eye care your diet should be good. You should take carrots, bell papers, collards green, spinach, kale, apricots and broccoli.

2)      Cucumber is also good for eyes care. Put sliced cucumber on your eyes for few minutes. You will feel cold eyes when you put cucumber on your eyes.

3)      Your night sleep should be 7 to 8 hours.

4)      When you wake up in the morning then wash your eyes with cold water.

5)      When you reading any book or magazine then during the reading after 2 or 3 minutes watch those things which are far from you.

6)      Don’t use others towel, soap and glasses.

7)      Keep away from sunlight.

8)      Use milk or yogurt in the breakfast. It is also good for eye care.

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