Hnads and feet tips

Care For Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are one of the most important parts of our body and it is very prominent part or our body.  As people are very conscious about their face skin then they should also conscious about their hands and feet skin. Some people are conscious but some are not. As the weather change; it affects on our hands and feet.  Hands and feet care is essential for you because people can see easily your hands and feet skin and if your skin is very rough and not good looking then it can down your personality.

Hnads and feet tips

If you want to make your hands and feet beautiful and attractive then always before wash the hands and feet use any cold cream or moisturizer. Rub lemon on your hands and feet two times in a week. It will give you very positive result. After wash the hands or feet then use any lotion or moisturizing cream. It will keep your skin very soft and fresh.  In summer season try to avoid go outside in day time because sun rays always very dangerous for us and it makes our skin damage and rough. In winter season you must use any moisturizing cream or lotion.

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