Tips for feet

Dry & Rough Feet Care Tips

Feet are a very important part of our body and our beauty. These days’ dry and rough feet are a big problem for everyone evens that men or women. There is lots of reason why our feet become dry and rough. The main problem is that feet are extremely far away from our heart that results in reduces in blood flow. So, feet caring are very important for us. We should be very conscious about it. If your feet are dry and rough then it can down your personality and look.

Today is telling you her some best natural tips which are very effective for feet and these tips can make your feet beautiful and soft.

Tips for feet

1)      First of all always wear those shoes or sandal in which you feel comfortable and relax.

2)      Soak your feet in warm water just for five minutes not for too much time.

3)      Before sleeping wash your feet and then apply any moisturizing cream or lotion on your feet.

4)      Apply the mixture of lavender & petroleum jelly and massage them daily. After few days you will see very attractive feet.

5)      Feet massage will assist you move the blood flow quickly to your feet & will smooth & make tighter muscles.

These are very effective and helpful tips for feet. If you would like to get some more tips about feet or beauty then this is right place for you. Here you can get some more natural tips.

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