Tips for fet

Smooth & Soft Feet

Feet are considered one of the essential parts of our body and its care is very important. Everyone wants smooth and soft feet but people are less conscious about their feet. In winter season we use socks and shoes and we did not need to more care but when summer season is come we avoid wearing shoes and socks and mostly preferring to sandals. If you would like to make your feet smooth, soft and beautiful and you are searching any natural way then today is telling you here some tips how you can make your feet beautiful, soft and smooth.

Tips for fet

1)      Wash your feet two or three times in a day and never forget to wash your feet before sleeping.

2)      Before sleeping after wash the feet use any moisturizing cream or lotion.

3)      Take one cup of lemon juice and then add in it two tsp olive oil and small amount of milk ¼ cup. Then take some amount of water on a tub and add mixture in water and soak your feet. After few minutes wash your feet with mild soap. If you will do once in a week then you will get very soft, smooth and beautiful feet. It is one of the best ways.

4)      Use always those shoes in which you are comfortable and relax.

5)      Keep away from sun lights because it makes our feet black.

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