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Treatment For Feet Dead Skin

Our feet are very prominent part of our body but some people not care their feet because they think feet beauty are not vital. But feet care is also very essential for us as we care our face skin. We should care our feet specially in summer season because in summer season we wear open shoe and sandals and sun rays makes our foot skin dead and rough. Now day’s people are very conscious about their foot because now they understood if foot is not attractive then it can down our personality.  So you should be care full about your feet. If your feet skin is very rough and it’s not looking attractive then now you should not take any worry about it.

Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here one best natural ways which will make your feet very attractive and beautiful.

feet tips

Listerine is the best and unique method to get your foot ready for summer. Sounds extreme but it works… add 1/4c Listerine any type, 1/4c vinegar & 1/2c of warm water not cold water. Soak your foot for 10 to 15 minutes & when you take them out the dead skin will almost wipe off. It is considered one of the best natural ways for feet care.

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