Lips care

Beautiful Lips Care Tips

Lips are very visible and prominent part of our body. Our lips make us attractive because we speak through our mouth & use the lips to make different sound effects. Lips can also down our personality when our lips are dull and dry. Lips care is very essential for us. We should conscious about our lips. Smoking is not good for our health and lips. Smoker has black lips because when you smoke the tar sticks to your lips resulting in dry & black lips. When the tar comes in your lips it decreases the blood flow to your lips. If you would like to make your lips beautiful and you want to make your lips perfect and attractive through natural ways then today is telling you here some best tips which is good for beautiful lips.

Lips care

1)      You should take lemon juice and add it in almond oil and glycerin and then apply this mixture on your lips daily before sleeping.

2)      You should use coconut oil on your lips to stop your lips from getting dry & dark.

3)      When you use lipsticks the before sleeping must remove it.

4)      Take some rose petals and mix them with some ghee & then apply this paste on your lips, this will make your lips smooth, fresh & glowing.

These are best tips for lips but if you need some more tips about lips or any other beauty then through us you can get best beauty tips.

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