Tips for lips

Helpful Natural Tips For Lips

Lips keep an important place in our beauty. It is very prominent part of our body. Its care is necessary for us especially in winter season because winter season is very cold season and it makes our lips very dry. So today is telling you here some best natural tips for lips. These tips will make your lips very soft and beautiful.

Tips for lips

1)      Before sleeping apply coconut oil on your lip. It will make your lips very shiny and dazzling.

2)      If you would like to make your lips reddish then use tea or beetroot juice because these are very valuable for our lips.

3)      When you going for bed for sleeping then before sleeping wash your lips with rose water and then apply butter on it. Within few days you will get soft, pink and beautiful lips.

4)      Before sleeping apply cheese on your lips. It will finish your cracks and make your lips soft.

5)      If your lips are black then mix lemon juice, honey and glycerin and then apply this mixture on your lips. It will reduce your blackness and make your lips soft and beautiful.

These are best and helpful tips for lips. If you will follow these tips then other will always praise your lips and ask you about secrete.

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