Tips for lips

Lips Care Tips In Winter

Lips care is necessary for us because it is one of the most visible parts of our body. As we all know winter season is very dangerous for us because it gives us dryness. And in winter season our lips demand more care. We should be very conscious about our lips in winter season. Dry lips looks not good and when you will apply lipstick on dry skin then it will look very awkward.

Today is telling you here some best natural tips how you can make your lips soft and beautiful.

Tips for lips

1)      Apply moisturizer on your lips. Vitamin E moisturizer is very good for lips. You can buy Vitamin E moisturizer easily from market.

2)      When your lips are dry then don’t use lipstick. First apply any moisturizer and then apply lipstick.

3)      Petroleum jelly is very effective and beneficial for lips. Before sleeping apply petroleum jelly and leave for overnight and then wash your lips in the morning with cold water. It will give you very good result and make your lips very soft and beautiful.

4)      After teeth brush apply immediately any good moisturizer on your lips because tooth paste makes our lips dry and rough.

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