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Naturally Get Pink Lips

You can increase your beauty with a beautiful and lovely smile. Lips are one of the important parts of our beauty. If you have naturally pink lips then your smile always becomes charming and delightful. But some people lips are not pink and they wish to get pink lips. There are lots of reasons when lips are damage. It is damage and rough due to hectic lifestyle when you did not give proper time to your health or lips, change in weather, some type of illness, excessive use of fluoride, too much makeup, smoking and lots of more reasons.

Today is telling you here some natural tips which will make your lips pink and beautiful.

Lips tips

1)      First of all you need to use soft toothbrush. This will assist in removing the dry & chapped dry skin around your lips & make your lips look fresh and attractive.

2)      Take lemon juice and almond oil and then mix these and then with it do massage your lips on daily basis before sleeping.

3)      If you did makeup then before going to bed remove your makeup.

4)      Cucumber juice is very beneficial for lips. When you have some time then take a piece of cucumber and scrip your lips with it. If you will do it daily just five minutes then cucumber juice will lighten the color of your lips.

5)      Take a few rose petals & dip it in milk for some time. Then after make a paste of the petals & add some drops of honey & glycerin. Now take this paste & dab it on your lips for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes rub off your lips softly with milk. When you will do this daily you can see amazing results.

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