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Tips To Remove Dark Lips

Lips are the most prominent and visible part of our body. Pink and reddish lips are always looks beautiful. Lips care is essential for us. Rough and dry lips look very ugly and awkward. If your lips are dark so now you should not take any worry about it. Today is telling you here some best natural tips for lips.

lips tips

1)      Before sleeping use lemon juice, glycerin and almond oil on your lips and leave for night.

2)      Coconut milk is also very effective for lips and skin. Apply coconut milk on your face and lips. It will give you very good result and makes your lips very attractive.

3)      Take a small spoon of castor oil, small spoon of glycerin and small spoon of lemon juice and mix them well. Now apply it on your lips and leave for overnight. In the morning wash your lips with normal water. It helps in lighting the color of your lips and stops dryness.

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