Lemon & Honey For Face

On Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
By Meenakshi Dixit

Fresh, soft and smooth skin is a demand of everyone. Everybody wants to get beautiful skin because these day people are very conscious about their beauty and everyone want to look beautiful and attractive even men and women. Some people skin is not clear and they want to get rid of this problem. They use different expensive creams and other skin treatments because they want rapid result. Some people search natural ways because natural products always give us positive and natural result. Today www.beautyaddons.com is telling you here one best natural way which will make your skin clear and beautiful.
Lemon & Honey For Face
Honey and lemon both are very effective and beneficial for skin and both always make our skin fresh and beautiful. Take a half lemon from the fridge and put 3 to 4 drops of honey on it. Now apply this on your affected areas and leave for approximately 5 minutes and after five minutes wash your face with fresh water. It will give you rapid result and you will feel better. Lemon juice will as well fade other marks and spots on face and honey will moisturize. It is considered one of the best ways and you should as well share this information with your dear ones.

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Author: Meenakshi Dixit