Night Party Makeup Tips

Stepping out for night function?

Here we tell you some tips about the makeup and dress. Following these tips you’ll look amazing a wonderful. All the eyes of the party come to you.

It is basically an art to select the perfect makeup and dress for any function or party.

Night Party Makeup Tips

So you should follow these tips for the best and perfect outfit and makeup selection.


The skin makeup will be soft and fresh is perfect for the night function because the heavy base and powders will show you heavy in the night or evening. So feel fresh and apply light base or skin powders.


Heavy and dramatic eyes look perfect and awesome in the evening. It will also give the sexy look also. For these type eyes you can also include white shimmer into the inside corners of your eyes. Eye liners of black and colorful also gives you the unique and extra ordinary look. To add more glamour and glows apply artificial eye lashes which makes large your natural lashes and gives you dramatic eyes perfect for the evening function.

Night Party Makeup Tips


Lips are the main and more focusing point of the makeup in a night occasion. So there are many option about the lips makeup. Use dark and bold colors for the light eye makeup. Use the lip brushes for applying the lipstick and make it clean and perfect. After applying lipstick you should also add any lip gloss which gives shinny and stunning look to your lips.

Tips For Healthy And Glowing Lips

Lips are very important for part of our body and face. We mostly use our lips and people noticed our lips whenever we talk, smile and laugh. So if we did not contain good and soft lips our personality effect would be damaged.

Tips for healthy and glowing lips

The lips femininity and sensuality make you more sexy and attractive so you should care your lips the most and make them look more glower and stunning.

Here we tell you some tips to keep your lips healthy and glowing so follow these tips.

You should clean up your lips with water and makeup cleansing cream before going to the bed.

  1. Massage your lips with simple oil to increase the blood circulation of the lips daily in the night it will make soft your lips.
  2. Use the cream which contains Vitamin a & e whenever you feel your lips going hard and losing the freshness.  You must keep this cream always with you. Apply the cream with cotton ball and wash it after few minutes.
  3. Whenever you stepping out put some lipstick on your lips according to your dress it will helps your and gives you the protection shield against sun raises, wind and dirt.
  4. Dehydration is also a big problem for your body and skin. So keep you hydration level up by using water in big quantity during the whole day.
  5. Smoking is enemy of your health. It makes your lips darker which is not good for your lips. So avoid smoking for good and fresh lips as well for your health.

How To Do Skin Facial Tips

Our skin needs extra care to protect it from the harmful affects of weather, dust and bacteria. There are many things which are useful for our skin and with apply of those things our skin feel relax and more fresh.

To increase the glow of skin and get rid of all the skin problems like Acne and wrinkles of face and neck the generally useable technique is Skin Facials.

How To Do Skin Facial Tips

These following steps are including in the best skin facial:


Cleansing is very necessary for the skin. All the dust and bacteria damages our skin and added in the oil of the skin and cause the acne and other skin problems. So it is very necessary to clean the skin first. Use cleansing milk and massage it gently.


Massage is the next step after cleansing in the skin facial. It is use for increasing the blood circulation in the body. Massage gently with triple action cream it will opens all the skin pores.


Scrub is very useful for removing the black heads and dead skin and gives the fresh and new look to your face. Keep your hands soft and polite while massaging the scrub on your face and neck.


Steam your clean and massage skin. Use very hot water, add some drops of lemon juice in it and take the steam of that water for 5 to 8 minutes. It will remove the dust from your open pores.

Skin Toner:

Use skin tone in the last. It will close all the open and clean pores of the skin and also glows and fresh the skin.

Remove The Dark Circles Under Eyes

With the passage of time our skin shows the effects of older age linked wrinkles, dark circles and black heads.

There are the common and serious problem of growing age is dark circles under the eyes. These circles damage the personality and show you old and stressful.

Because of the bad image of these dark circles everyone wants to remove these circles and that’s why they search the new and effective tips for removing these.

Remove The Dark Circles Under Eyes

Here we tell you some tips about the removing of these circles:

Control your Diet:

Diet is very necessary to check and keep it balance for the healthy life style. Include citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, berries, spinach, fresh oranges and apples in your daily diet schedule. With the healthy and proper diet you fell more fresh and younger and it will also relief your stress.

Release the Stress:

Dark circles under the eyes are the just because of the stress and worries. Stress and problems increase the insomnia and with the stress our sleep is also disturbed. And these both factors show heavy dark circles under our eyes. So we should release this stress by engaging our self into different activities.

Use natural products:

You have to apply the beauty products which contain only natural ingredient. Chemicals which are used in the most of the beauty products are causes to the dark circles under the eyes. So protect your skin from these harmful products and use only those products which are purely made of natural ingredient.

Lip Scrub For Soft And Freshen Lips

Winter makes the lips dry and hard. The skin of the lips goes hard and darker. It is not good for you to go around with such ugly lips.

Here we told you a lip scrubber which is also easy to eat not harmful for your skin as well for your stomach.

Dry lip scrub softens the lips and removes all the dry and hard skin. This scrub gives you the pinky shine and lips become baby soft. To get this effective lip scrub is not difficult. You do not need to go outside in the market to buy it but it is very easy to make it at your home.

Lip Scrub for soft and freshen lips

The ingredient of this lip scrub is very easy to find in the kitchen or pantry. It will take no more times, just in 2 minutes your Dry Lip scrub will be ready.

The ingredients you need for this scrub are:

 1 tbsp. Vaseline (a natural salve or balm can be substituted if petroleum’s not your bag)

• 1 tbsp. Honey

• 2 tbsp. Sugar (I prefer white—it’s grainier)

• Flavor (here’s where you can get creative—I mixed in a squirt of just like caramel, chocolate syrup, but feel free to use maple, strawberry, or even a drop or two of your favorite essential oil)

Mix all the ingredients gently until all the things are combined properly. After that take little quantity of scrub and apply it on your lips. Massage for 3 minutes maximum and then wash it. Now you can enjoy the lovely, pink and soft lips with an easy tip.

Sources Of Oily Skin

Oily skin is the equal problem in men and women. The both genders suffer this problem and it is not good at all to have an oily skin.

The oily skin was mostly in the T Zone because this area has more oil glands as compare to other skin parts. The T Zone includes across your forehead, down your nose and includes your chin areas which produce more oil glands as compare to other skin.

Sources Of Oily Skin

Oily skin may cause to other serious problems like acne, pimples and dark complexion. Those oily parts must have the acne and blemish problem.  We tell you the sources that may the cause of increasing the oil glands in your body and skin parts.


Oily skin is also inheriting problem which also occurs to the genetic basis. If your family consists of those people who were suffering from the oily skin you also have the same problem.


Diet is also the serious problem which increases the oil glands and sebum in your skin. Junk and fast food increase the quantity of that gland. If you skip you French fries for the couple of weeks you must saw the reaction on your skin smoothness.


Cleansing is also the big way to decrease the oil on your skin area. But with load and burden of work you forget to wash your face during the day. You could also cause enough of a disturbance to encourage your skin to start producing even more oil in response.

Easy Eye Makeup

Easy Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most prominent part of your face and it must looks stunning at any occasion. You must be makeup them perfectly and give the finest finishing to your eyes.

We tell you some tips about the fine eye makeup and these tips are also easy to pick and apply during your make up.

You can give the black touch for prominent the Lidded Eyes or Eyes with No Defined Crease at the center of upper lash lines.

The eye shade color must be matching with your dress and lipstick.

If you are using the dark color at your lips then did not use the eye shade color very dark instead of that you can apply light color eye shades and vice versa.

When you are applying the eye shade did not use eye shade pencil, it will stretched you eye lids. Instead of that you can put the eye shade at your hand and apply it with your finger to the eye lids.

Put the eye shade in the shape of almond at the upper and lower part of your eyes.

After the eye shade it is the eye liner turn. Apply the liquid gel form eye liner. You can make thick the eye liner as your requirement and according to the eye size. But first draw a thin line and slowly make it thicker with fine way.

After applying the liner now put the mascara on your eye lashes. If the eye lashes are not so big then you can apply the artificial eye lashes easily available in the market.

Tips For Bridal Nails

Wedding day is very happy day for bridal when she connects with her partner. On wedding day every bridal wants to look beautiful and gorgeous.

For beauty, girls do different and unique implements because bridal knows everyone will see her and notice her so she want looks different. Here we are talking about bridal nails. Making nails beautiful on wedding day is a superb idea.

Tips For Bridal Nails

There are different types of nails designs and bridals always want unique and best style which suit on her.

Ideas of nails beauty is as well one of the pre wedding planning.
1) Do manicure on every week and pedicure one in a month before 6 months of your wedding ceremony day. Ask to any beauty expert and have action if your nails are feeble.
2) You can care your nail, hands and feet at home. Buy some imported nail oil or balm for healthier growth and strong and beautiful nails & keep away from dish washing.
3) Your nails length should not be too long.
4) Choose your marriage day shade for your nails that will be in finest mixture with your dress. For this you should ask about it any special beauty expert.
5) If your nails are short and weak and you want lengthy nails on your wedding day then you can buy artificial nails. These days there are different types of nails are available in market in unique styles and designs. These nails are in different colors, sizes & styles.

Hair Care In Summer

Summer is on the way in fact the days are so hot. Our body needs special care according to the weather. Hairs are also very important to care. The summer affects very badly to the hairs.

Our hair needs more and better care for this season. So be careful about your hairs and try some daily tips in routine to make them more healthy and shiny for long time.

Hair Care In Summer

Follow these tips for the healthy and shiny hairs and save them to lose the shine and glow of the hairs in this summer.

Wear scarf And Sunscreen Lotions:

Wear scarf and clothes around your hairs it will protest your hairs from the UV raise. And if you cannot wear any scarf then try to use the SPF lotions in the hairs it will also save your hairs from damaging with the sun raises.

Use Conditioner:

Conditioner is also very important for the hairs in the hot season and it saves the hairs from drying and sebum and makes shiner and smoother to your hairs.

Home Remedy:

Try different home remedies for the healthy hairs like try one of this. Mix 2 yolks of egg, 2 Tb spoon Mayonnaise and 2 Tb spoon of olive oil. And apply on your hairs leave for 40 minutes approx and then rinse it.

Do Not Use Detergent Shampoos:

Use heavy detergent and chemical shampoo also damages your hairs so avoid them and try to use the hairs free from sulfate.


As usual water is also very important for the body but in summer it is badly necessary for the hydration of body and it also make the hairs more smooth, silky and fresh.

5 Tips Of Healthy Skin Care

tips for healthy skin

Now summer season has knocked our doors. It is very hard season for us because this season damages our skin. In this season our skin demands more care. In summer season sun rays effect on our skin and make skin damage and awkward. We should more conscious about our skin in this season.

We are telling you here 5 best tips of healthy skin care.

Protect Yourself From The Sun:

First of all we should care for our skin from the sun rays. W should keep away from sun rays. A life of sun exposure can reason wrinkles, age spots & other skin harms and also raise the risk of skin cancer.
Don’t Smoke:

Smoking is dangerous for us. It makes our skin very rough and older look. Smoking makes wrinkles on our face. If you are doing smoking, the best way to care for your skin is to quit. Coordinate with your doctor and ask him how you can stop smoking.
Treat Your Skin Gently:

Wash your face 2 or 3 times in a day with imported soap or face wash. If your skin is dry then use moisturizes lotion or cream according to your skin.
Eat A Healthy Diet:

Diet plays very important role for healthy skin. You should not take too much drinks and fast food. Try to take fruits and vegetables. It is very beneficial for skin care.
Manage Stress:

Stress and worry also makes skin rough and older look. We should not take any stress. To give confidence healthy skin & a healthy state of mind get steps to control your stress. Set sensible limits.