Hand & Nails Care | Get Long And Beautiful Nails

Hand & Nails Care | Get Long And Beautiful Nails

Hand & Nails Care | Get Long And Beautiful Nails

When you are stepping out for any occasion or party or for holiday picnic must think about the hand care.

With all your maintenance of your every parts of body the hands are also very important. You should take good care of them and never neglect them. When you are communicating with others your hands also helps you to convey your message so if they are looking ugly and dull then it will not give your good impression on others. So regularly manicure your hands and cut and shape your nail.

To manicure at your home will save your time and money as well. So you can buy a manicure kit easily after some time you will become expert on it and do it at home very easily.

For long nails design we are telling you some tips about it.

1.Remove the nail polish or nail gel which is already applied on your nails with removing spirit and cotton balls.

2.Give shape to your nails with nails filer. Make sure that you are shaping them in one and parallel way of your nails bed.

3.Then apply cuticle oil on your nails and massage it for maximum two minutes it will give shines to your nails and looks good.

4.After that dip your fingers in the soapy water it will clean up all the dust contain in your hand and finger pores.

5.After drying hands apply moisturizer on your hand and massage it on your hands and fingers gently, after that cleans your nails with cotton balls for removing all the oil from your nails.