Homemade Remedies For Dark Keens & Elbows

Now day’s girls and boys are very conscious about their beauty and everybody wish to look perfect and beautiful. Knees and elbows are considered one of the main parts of our body and its care is considered essential for us. If you want to make your knees and elbows beautiful and white and looking for some best natural and homemade ways then today we are telling you here some best ways.

Homemade remedies for dark keens & elbows
Rub some lemon juice on your elbows & knees and leave it for almost 10-15 minutes every day.
2) Combine 1 tsp coconut oil with half a tsp of lime juice. Use on your elbows and knees and wipe it away with a hot towel.
3) Use a mixture of 2 tsp olive oil & 1 tsp sugar to your elbows, and permit it to dry. Massage it clean with a towel. It acts as an exfoliator.
4) Take 2 tsp of yogurt & add a few amount of almond powder to it. Use on the affected and rough areas. Once the mixture dries, massage it clean.
5) One more great remedy which definitely works is milk cream. Mix milk cream with a pinch of turmeric & use on the rough and affected areas.
These are considered best and unique natural and homemade remedies for elbows and knees cares.

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