how we can make our feet actractive, Best foot care, care of your foots

How We Can Make Our Feet Attractive?

how we can make our feet actractive, Best foot care, care of your foots

Feet are very important part of our body. It also demand caring. But people mostly not give importance to feet. We should care it because when people see your beautiful feet then they will admire.

These days’ girls want to make their feet beautiful and attractive. They are facing different problems about their feet. Mostly feet are damage in winter season because in winter season our feet are rough and dry.

And dry and rough feet always look awkward. These days we are taking those shoes in which we feel not comfortable and these type of shoes also dangerous for us and it makes our feet damage.

There are more lost of reason but here we are giving you some tips how you can make your feet beautiful and attractive.
1) If you want beautiful feet then first of all you should use moisturizing lotion or cream for your feet.
2) Do massage your feet with almond oil and then after few minutes wash your feet with normal hot water. It will finish your dryness and make your feet soft.
3) Take one spoon dry milk, half spoon honey, one spoon lemon juice and then mix these all and apply on your feet and after 20 minutes wash it. It will make your feet white, fresh and beautiful.
4) Take glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and mix it and apply on your feet on daily then after few days you will see positive result.
These are very effective tips and if you will give daily short time to your feet then after few days you will get good result.